Chakra Yoga Picture Collection, how to adjust the yoga postures step by step?

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  1. How to adjust the yoga postures step by step?
  2. The mother-in-law spoke ill of her wife in front of the children and was heard by her wife upstairs. What would you do?

How to adjust the yoga postures step by step?

Lin Lang Yoga point of view: after practicing yoga for more than 30 years, I responsibly tell you that the back column does not have the function of backbending, left and right rotation, anterior bending is the normal physiological function of the spine, but the human potential is unlimited, it can be supported within 90 degrees through training, which can also be called bending. I usually describe the practice of backbending of the spine as leaning back.

How to make rational use of joints in training is related to the training effect and the potential development of joints. Rational use of joints is the key to delay joint degenerative diseases.

Excessive use of joints, copy the practice of Indian yoga, the figure is the Iyan shape, thin legs and big belly, this is not the body I need.

Poses suitable for spinal health are recommended: one, cat, two, cobra, three-down dog, four camel, five-bow pose (practice in sequence as a small combination). Six-wheeled, dance king-style measurement of strength and careful practice.

I have written many articles about the benefits and benefits of practicing yoga, and the next step is to take stock of the dangers of yoga. Welcome to follow us!

In today's society, with the fast-paced life and great work pressure, many modern people are in a state of sub-health, and people gradually realize the importance of physical and mental health. As a popular fitness exercise in the world, yoga is highly respected by people because of its dual regulation of physical and mental health.

As a yoga enthusiast, I would like to offer the following simple suggestions: / shake hands / shake hands

How to protect yourself in the backbend exercise (the backbend is not done by softness alone)

1. First of all, if you are a beginner with zero foundation and have never come into contact with yoga (for those who try yoga for the first time, you need to carry out accurate sequential yoga, let professional teachers give correct and accurate guidance, and develop correct and scientific yoga practice. )

2. Keep a steady and calm breath

When practicing the backbend pose, remember not to hold your breath. if you have difficulty breathing may be a state of physical load, you should take a step out or take a break.

3. Proper fitness and circular gradual postural exercises

The depth of the back bend is achieved overnight, and the step-by-step action in the photo may require continuous practice for several months or more than a year.

4. Practice continuous depth improvement in the back bend.

To put it simply, this includes the shoulder, chest, hip and front of the thigh, so the key parts of shoulder opening, chest opening, hip opening and extending the front of the thigh pave the way for the backbend.

5. Practicing yoga also requires constant understanding and excavation.

Matters needing attention

1. No matter at any stage, it is very important to practice yoga asanas scientifically and avoid the wrong asanas to cause harm to the body.

Therefore, both beginners and yoga instructors suggest to understand positive yoga and establish a scientific and correct concept of yoga. Practice yoga mats with positive lines, such as an invisible instructor.

Kobayashi suggested that scientific fitness can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Namaste~ 🙏

I hope my above sharing can help you.

First, practice back muscle strength, such as locusts.

Second, practice cat posture and move your spine.

Third, camel style, first bend the waist with hands, and then bend the feet with hands.

Fourth, do the lower canine extension of the spine

Fifth, snake practice.

Six, the upper and lower dogs are smart.

Advance in the above order. But you'd better have professional tutoring!

Backbending is difficult for beginners, especially for those who are stiff. When we bend over, let's take a look at what happens to the spine:Intervertebral discs move, squeeze, rotate, and so on, as the body moves. If beyond a certain range, for a long time, intervertebral disc herniation will be formed!This is why many people squeeze the movement of the lumbar spine or sitting for a long time can lead to lumbar disc herniation. The body is stiff and restricts joint movement.

Therefore, we should pay attention to these points in the backbend pose:

1. Lengthen the coccyx and lengthen the spine

two。 Open your chest and rotate your shoulders.

3. Force on the back, adduction of shoulder blades

Chakra Yoga Picture Collection, how to adjust the yoga postures step by step?

So today, we recommend a few simple yoga poses to the gamers, starting with these basic movements and then doing the back-bending asana, and practicing step by step.

1. One-leg standing forward flexion

Lunge, hands on the ground, exhale, center of gravity on the left leg of the left foot, hands push the ground

Inhale, slightly bend the left knee, lift the right leg up to the sky, exhale, relax the upper body, let the body down, abdomen against the thigh

Tuck in your abdomen and return to your standing position. Tip: press down on your supporting legs and feet, lift the legs away from the ground and stretch upward.

two。 Semilunar type

Lunge, hands on the ground, exhale, center of gravity on the right leg of the right foot, hands push the ground

Inhale, bend your left knee slightly, lift your right leg up parallel to the ground, and lift your left arm upward toward the sky

Keep the body stable, twist the body to the left, buttocks on one side, head and legs on one side, eyes on the front.

Group 5: after smooth and steady breathing, change sides.

3. Strengthen the side display

Prepare for the high start, take a small step forward with your right foot, press your hands on the ground, and straighten your legs at the same time

Inhale and raise your head and extend your back without arching it, while keeping your hips on a horizontal plane.

Exhale, keep your abdomen close to the front of your left thigh, your face against your calf muscles, and stand up your heels at the same time.

Keep breathing smoothly, then change sides to practice

Hello, the way you enter the yoga pose is important, especially when you challenge the pose for the first time, not just the pose itself. Especially yoga backbends, enter the right way, can be more safe and correct.

The important thing about the backbend is thatOpen the chest and bend back from the thoracic vertebrae, not from the lumbar vertebrae.

Today, we will introduce four ways to enter the backbends.

1. Camel style

  • Left hand to find the left heel, chin to find the sternum.

  • Hold your hands on your feet and lift your pelvis to the ceiling.
  • Keep the spine extended, activate the abdominal core and relax your head back.

If the body is too stiff, you can use yoga bricks to pile a few pieces on the back to do support.

2. Pigeon style

  • Sit with a walking stick on the ground
  • Bend your right knee, straighten your left knee, calf and foot against the ground
  • Bend the left knee, raise the calf and stretch the left foot upward
  • Raise your left arm above your head and grab the toes of your left foot.
  • Exhale, push chest forward, head back
  • Make the head touch the soles of the left foot and hold the back of the left foot with the left hand.
  • Keep 5-8 breaths

3. Crescent style

  • Start with a standing position or a lower dog posture
  • Inhale and take a big step forward with your left foot
  • The sole of the left foot is close to the ground, the knee of the left leg is bent, and the right foot is straight.
  • Exhale and put your hands together above your head.
  • Drive the spine to bend upward and backward
  • Keep breathing at 5-8.

4. Wheel type

  • Lie on your back against the ground and keep your legs straight
  • Hands on your side, palms down.
  • Bend your knees close to your hips and put your hands on both sides of your head
  • Inhale deeply and lift hips and abdomen up
  • At the same time, both hands and legs press down hard.
  • Keep 5-8 breaths

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