Nearby yoga studio coach training, yoga studio coaching class reliable?

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  1. Is the coaching class in the yoga studio reliable?
  2. Which is the most famous yoga studio in Beijing?

Is the coaching class in the yoga studio reliable?

What is reliable and what is not?

To be exact, the level of yoga teachers in China has been in a mixed state. I have seen some yoga instructors who even have wrong handprints to open classes to collect money. When you meet a coach at this level, you will only guide the blind when you sign up for the so-called teacher-funded class with high fees.

Not only at home, but all over the world, although yoga is popular all over the world, the overall level is still in the realm of soft gymnastics, which has long deviated from the essence of yoga.

Yoga, as a product of ancient Indian civilization, is essentially a way of practice. Through special movements to develop the potential of the human body, the action body is only the surface, the core of its training lies in the spiritual exercise.

Looking around the world, apart from India, how many people in China and Europe who rely on yoga understand this? How many people can understand that yoga is not a kind of calisthenics?

Therefore, to learn yoga, first find yoga theory books to read, understand the essence of yoga spiritual practice, break away from the level of understanding that yoga is soft gymnastics, and then find a teacher!

Don't rush to pay for those who teach yoga to sign up. A penny doesn't mean a penny!

Nearby yoga studio coach training, yoga studio coaching class reliable?

Let's talk about it first. if the yoga instructor you meet is wrong with a handprint, and if the yoga instructor you meet can stretch muscles, split muscles and lose weight, we might as well save money to do aerobics and belly dance, at least we don't waste time, right? [bared teeth]

Dare to hurry the coaching class should not be very bad, because the coaching class is not a mixture of ordinary yoga studios, many new coaches have not been practicing for a few years to talk about it, anyway, the students below do not understand. Teachers who dare to teach and train at least have experience, because the students in the coaching class usually have few yoga rookies, and they have their own identification ability, can they not tell what the level of the teacher is? I believe that teachers dare not teach without two brushes, right? But we should also keep our eyes open, and the level of teaching and training teachers is also different.

Anyone who dares to open a library to run a training course is more qualified and reliable, of course. No one in this society will swindle and cheat. Today's female stars almost have their own personal yoga instructors, as long as they like it. Choose a larger yoga studio to practice, there is no problem, yoga instructor to learn is a long process, I hope you stick to it, persevere, and many professions in the future. And it is a beauty industry suitable for girls, and it is also very good.

Which is the most famous yoga studio in Beijing?

Ranking of yoga studios in Beijing

Yoga, which originated in India, has a long history, outstanding effect and more fashionable as a harmonious exercise of "body, mind and spirit". As a result, investing in yoga studios is loved by many entrepreneurs, but, nowadays, there are many brands of yoga studios, which is more valuable for investment? I believe that for beginners, joining the ranking list is more credible. So, next, let's learn about the ranking of yoga studios in Beijing.

Beijing yoga studio ranking NO1: Yuanquan Yoga

Yuanquan Yoga, founded in 2003, is one of the influential brands in the industry. According to fashionable health standards, Yuanquan Yoga effectively combines ancient Indian yoga, Chinese Taoist culture and traditional Chinese medicine in order to create a health-preserving cultural platform for China's high-end network, and to create a "Chinese yoga physiotherapy brand" after years of development. Now there are many projects, such as assembly house management, chain joining, yoga instructor training, yoga culture research, characteristic course fetal information development and so on.

Beijing yoga studio ranking NO2: Tianzhu Yoga

Tianzhu Yoga, synchronized with Europe and the United States, takes the lead in China, adheres to the business philosophy of "Sports changes you", provides comprehensive, scientific and professional services in accordance with popular fashion and health standards, and makes full use of the advanced management model formed by long-term accumulation to standardize and standardize the market-oriented operation and operation of the brand. According to incomplete statistics, it has been distributed nearly 100 in the country, and won the title of "growing Brand" in the brand evaluation of Chinese chain system.

Beijing Yoga Shop ranking NO3: Youji Yoga

Youji Yoga, which integrates assembly hall, training, joining and publishing, has become an indisputable leading brand in the domestic yoga field with its popularity and successful operation, and with its good social image and commercial reputation, as well as strong economic strength, excellent team and strong service ability, it has opened the door to join the chain since 2004. Because its business orientation and industry professionalism are highly recognized, Youji Yoga is chosen by many yoga lovers and fitness investors, which is worth starting with.

Beijing yoga studio ranking NO4: Cicada Yoga

Zen Zhou Yoga, the Royal theme Yoga Hall of China and India, teaches the unique Wang Yoga course with cicada characteristics. The brand was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in yoga fitness, weight loss and other services, because of its technical expertise, high-quality service, has been widely recognized by the public, awareness and reputation continue to rise, market share continues to rise, and now has a number of chain stores. There is a steady stream of people who intend to join.

So far, the above is the ranking of yoga studios in Beijing, each of which is a high-quality project with strong strength and good reputation. If you are willing to join the cause of yoga, you might as well choose as a reference.