If there is cancer in the body, the skin warns you first! There are three kinds of abnormalities in the skin. Watch out for cancer.
There are three kinds of abnormalities in the skin. Skin nevus abnormality-Watch out for skin cancer although most moles are benign, skin cancer is a……
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Watch out! These eight conditions may be "precancerous lesions".
In fact, some of the pathological conditions that may occur in the body before the occurrence of cancer? 1. Atrophic gastritis-- gastric Cancer Li Xin……
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The 31st World AIDS Day! One picture teaches you to judge whether you are infected with HIV.
Active testing of shared health, the latest data released by the National Health Commission show that "China estimates that there are about 1.25……
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Can you still have children if you have AIDS? Answer each of the 7 frequently asked questions about AIDS
AIDS is a frightening disease, in fact, AIDS is a common disease, multiple sexual partners are risk factors for the transmission of AIDS. Blood transm……
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Early diagnosis of AIDS, after proper treatment, may not be fatal
The main work is to help people living with HIV. AIDS is a deadly disease. Although it cannot be completely cured after being infected with HIV, moder……
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Why did someone go undetected after being infected with AIDS for a long time? The infection doctor explained
AIDS is a very terrible infectious disease, we have not yet found a cure for AIDS, the main modes of transmission of AIDS are sexual transmission, blo……
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What will you experience in the 10 years after you get AIDS? Why does AIDS show "both ends"?
AIDS is very destructive to human health. I want to bravely tell others that I am an AIDS patient. There is a virus in the body [during the acute infe……
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Read in the morning, June 6, pay attention to health every day
[health reminder] when bitten by an animal, the wound is treated in time and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Wound treatment includes wound…… mg
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Be careful! You think these seven habits of "health" may be wrong.
The healthy elderly tend to be in a state of mutual coordination and harmony in the physical, psychological and social aspects; less than 5% of the el……
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Will optimistic people be healthier?
Optimism not only makes people have a more positive attitude, 1. Optimism can help us fight helplessness. Optimistic people are less likely to become……
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