Yoga school research, Pilates instructor certificate how to take the test?

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  1. How to take the Pilates Coach Certificate?
  2. Can I take the junior yoga certificate by myself?
  3. How much is the yoga test? Can beginners of yoga get a yoga instructor's certificate?

How to take the Pilates Coach Certificate?

The fitness industry now has very high requirements for coaches, and it is necessary to obtain corresponding coach qualifications in order to be able to practice. Pilates coach market is scarce, in addition to the needs of fitness institutions, many professional athlete training institutions, rehabilitation institutions are also in urgent need of Pilates coaches, it can be seen that its development prospects are still quite good. However, if you want to get a coach certificate, you still need to go through professional training, and get credits through the exam in order to get certification, so it is critical to choose a suitable training institution.


You can only be certified after training.

Pilates coach training is mainly aimed at coaches who are already engaged in fitness and sports and hope to be able to teach Pilates. And before signing up for the course, you need to complete the corresponding courses such as strengthening mat and strengthening shaping, otherwise the training will also be affected. And the training course is rich in content, starting from the basic Pilates course, enhanced balance chair, equipment explanation and so on. Students need to pass all the training before they can get the Pilates Coach Certificate.

At present, Pilates coach training courses in first-tier cities are basically at a basic price of about 20,000 yuan, and this kind of training needs to be explained by foreign professional mentors, online and offline courses are synchronized, and students are required to take credits. Only when you reach the corresponding standards can you get the qualification certificate. In addition, the course content is rich, and there are certain teaching material fees. In fact, this calculation is relatively cost-effective.

Yoga school research, Pilates instructor certificate how to take the test?


And from the table, it is not difficult to see that although the training cost seems to be slightly higher, the basic salary after finding a job has already exceeded the cost of the training course, so this kind of investment is still worth it. And now there is a high demand for Pilates coaches in the market, and many institutions need qualified professional coaches. While it is easy to find a job, the income of private courses is high, so it is worth choosing.

Pay attention to whether the organization can issue certificates

Because Pilates coaches can not be personally certified, so since we need to get a qualification certificate, we must choose a professional training institution, so that we can get Pilates coach certification. Therefore, before choosing a training institution, we must make clear the professional level and professional ability of the other organization, and determine whether the certification certificate can be provided directly. After all, you should still have a professional organization-certified coach certificate before taking up the job, so it is easier to find a high-paying job. Pilates coaches search Pent Fitness College.

Pilates coaches earn a lot of money, and there are many areas that need professional coaches, so if young people want to have better development prospects, they might as well directly choose such training courses. There are many kinds of fitness coaches, and they must consider their future development and income.

Can I take the junior yoga certificate by myself?

Textual research is very easy, but it is not so easy to really be a good yoga instructor.

Be familiar with and understand most of the yoga poses, and be able to teach it correctly to the students to help them practice properly.

In the process of teaching, we should constantly enrich ourselves and participate in all kinds of training and lectures, which also have certain requirements for family conditions. Theory + practice, learning while teaching is constantly growing.

How much is the yoga test? Can beginners of yoga get a yoga instructor's certificate?

The price of yoga test is not necessarily, different schools and different courses are different. Take our school (Beauty Assana Yoga School) for example. With 13 years of professional yoga instructor training experience, there are different fees for different courses in different campuses.

First, yoga beginners can do textual research (type of certificate: 1, personal seal certificate issued by the museum; 2, Chinese yoga federation certificate 3, national certification)

Second, beginners are generally the first to learn hatha yoga, full-time 45 days, 200 hours of systematic training, including: 1, physical training

2. Theoretical knowledge of yoga (principles of yoga teachers, sources of yoga, culture, such as breathing, rest, yoga anatomy, biomechanics, etc.)

3. Yoga asana (yoga asana entering to explain passwords, matters needing attention, usage of yoga aids, yoga teaching aids, etc.)

III. Fees for teaching and training classes (7800-13800 yuan, range of fees for first-and second-tier cities)

IV. Suggestions on the selection of training libraries

1. Choose a yoga with good technology and kind heart.

The teacher is more important than the reputation and environment of the yoga studio.

Technology is the best propaganda.

2. I suggest you experience more and compare more, and let your body tell you the answer. A successful yoga class must let the students walk out of the classroom with peace of mind and light body.

If you have any questions, you are welcome. I'll help you answer them.

Wish you all good health and meet a good yoga instructor!