According to the ranking of yoga teachers in Harbin, what do you think of the post-90s girls in Harbin who have become popular on the Internet for quitting their jobs in state-owned enterprises to practice yoga?

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  1. What do you think of the post-90s girls in Harbin who have become popular on the Internet for quitting their jobs in state-owned enterprises and practicing yoga?
  2. A good yoga studio taught in Harbin?
  3. How about Harbin Geriatric University?
  4. "Oh, good body" self-discipline Queen Zhang Tianai, how did her glamorous acting career come out?

What do you think of the post-90s girls in Harbin who have become popular on the Internet for quitting their jobs in state-owned enterprises and practicing yoga?

Thank you for inviting me. Youth is an attitude, a spirit of wanton realization of your ideals and ambitions and devotion to your career. After all, youth can withstand failure! Girls have this idea, have this ability, to be able to achieve, I think is a kind of success, is a kind of happiness!

Nothing is happiest than having someone you like, doing what you like and looking forward to what you expect. The post-90s girl in Harbin happens to do what she likes-yoga, so to a certain extent, she is happy. Like, hobby, interest, etc. For some people who do not know the taste, such as the section chief, it is a kind of luxury, a kind of envy, because can not find a kind of love that can be almost crazy, love for no reason, so the section chief envies this girl.

Next, the section chief would like to say that state-owned enterprises, institutions, establishment, iron rice bowls, these stable and decent jobs, which were once favored, may not be suitable for everyone. For example, you like to live a plain, real and approachable life, do not want to be rich and rich, and only ask for more than less than below, then this job is a good choice. But if you don't want to be content with the status quo and want to show your talents and ambitions, then these places may not be the most suitable.

In short, although it is rare to be confused, it is best to know what you want as soon as possible, without comparison or envy, so that whether it is work or life, it may be a little easier.

A good yoga studio taught in Harbin?

People and time yoga life hall is to do more formal, friends to practice, said that the environment is good, the effect is also more obvious, but the price is also relatively expensive.

I know that people and time have shops on Hongqi Street, opposite the Dragon Pagoda, and at the intersection of Songshan Road and Zhujiang Road. A new one has also been opened at Harbin Engineering University. I don't know where you are closer.

The classes there include meditation yoga, body yoga, spine yoga, bowel clearing yoga (this is good to drink salt water, honey water and boiled water during the practice) Pilates balance yoga dance category includes belly dance, Chinese dance, latin, Korean dance.

There are also Meili Ark also offers yoga classes, which is also quite good. I have friends who coach there, and there are more shops in Meili Ark near the railway station, the West Bridge and Aijian. You can call 114 for details.

Have a nice practice and be a yoga beauty!

How about Harbin Geriatric University?

Harbin University for the elderly, which has a history of more than 30 years, is one of the earliest universities for the elderly in China, located on the banks of the Songhua River in Harbin, jointly run by the people's Government of Heilongjiang Province and the people's Government of Harbin City. There are about 40 classrooms, such as computer room, language lab, piano room, dance room, multi-function hall and so on. Harbin University for the elderly offers a wide range of majors, including calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, vocal music, Taijiquan, Taijiquan, dance, literature, health care, massage, cooking and so on. At the beginning of the school year, old people flock to apply for universities for the elderly, and hundreds of them grab 20 or 30 places, which is hard to find.

In order to cope with the arrival of an aging society and let more elderly people have a rich and colorful old age life, in recent years, the Harbin municipal party committee and municipal government have taken a number of measures. Harbin Geriatric Education Group has been established in Harbin. Harbin Education Group for the elderly was established with the approval of the Harbin Bureau of Education and led by Harbin University for the elderly, taking the lead in launching the collectivized school-running mode of education for the elderly in the country. At the same time, the group is composed of 55 units, including Harbin Radio and Television University, Harbin College, community education colleges in districts and counties, universities for the elderly in various districts and counties, and some educational service institutions for the elderly.

The elderly Education Group promotes the implementation of the "1x" school-running model, establishes and improves the layout of educational institutions and networks for the elderly at all levels in the city, and co-ordinates the research, business guidance and training services of education for the elderly in Harbin, so as to provide a learning service platform for lifelong learning for the whole people, that is, to give full play to the exemplary and leading role of Harbin University for the elderly, and to set up Harbin Education Group for the elderly. Promote the coordinated development of community education for the elderly, non-community education for the elderly and distance education for the elderly.

Geriatric University is very popular among the elderly in Harbin. As far as I know, in addition to the main campus of Daxin Street in Daowai District, there are Xuanxin Campus, Xinji Campus, Hart Campus, Harbin Campus, Aijian Campus, Tongda Campus, East Rail Campus, Limin Campus and other sub-campuses.

Harbin Geriatric University has vocal Music Department, Dance Department, instrumental Music Department, Life and Health Department, computer and Photography Department, language and Literature Department and so on. Each department has many or even dozens of courses, and the elderly can sign up for study according to their own interests.

Spring and autumn enrollment every year, the scene is quite hot, this spring enrollment, vocal music, yoga, folk dance, fitness dance, piano and other 169 classes will be full within three hours.

It should be said that the old people in Harbin have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life in their later years. Physique classes such as yoga and ballet have been particularly popular in geriatric universities in recent years, and old people are happy to try such courses that are both healthy and strictly controlled.

There are piano classes, photography classes and so on. These courses that require "spending a lot of money" to buy equipment are also very popular with the elderly. With the improvement of living standards, the elderly are also pursuing a higher spiritual life.

At Harbin Geriatric University, I feel that as long as the elderly want to learn, there are almost all the courses. Such as Chinese tourism strategies and culture, introduction to English grammar, speeches and eloquence, magic balloons, Bayan, chess, bone and joint diseases for the elderly, local snacks, all sound interesting.

By the way, I also heard that some grandmothers are still studying family nutrition conditioning, early childhood education, pregnancy care and practice, massage and dietotherapy for common diseases of children, and so on, mostly to take care of their babies at home.

(the picture is from the Internet)

"Oh, good body" self-discipline Queen Zhang Tianai, how did her glamorous acting career come out?

Zhang Tianai relies on her slim figure and long legs, countless fans, and countless fans like her cool style, but also call her "Brother Chou". As everyone knows, behind this glamour requires extreme self-discipline and unimaginable hard work in exchange for a perfect figure and a still tight figure and skin at the age of 30.

1. Perfect figure. Zhang Tianai is called a goddess by fans. She was born in 1990.Height165, body weight 46.9, body fat rate 23.8%It's a very symmetrical figure.. Zhang Tianai is very good-looking, her beauty is heroic, enchanting, slightly melancholy temperament, very personality and characteristics, this type of actors can easily capture the hearts of the audience.

2. Strict control and self-discipline. In the weight loss Life Watch Reality Show program "Oh, good body", Zhang Tianai revealed that she had only eaten boiled eggs and cucumbers for two years. She could lose 15 jin a week, 30 jin from the highest 130jin, and her figure was almost perfect. But for ordinary people, this is an incredible thing. You can hold on for a few days or even weeks. If you stick to it for two years, it is really not a fake. It requires a "painful" consciousness, which also reflects Zhang Tianai's steel-like consciousness. The reason why the goddess became a goddess is tempered and tempered.

3. Keep exercising. Zhang Tianai not only depends on dieting to lose weight, but also keeps exercising for a long time. To tell you the truth, just eating boiled vegetables and cucumbers can make people look yellow and skinny. But Zhang Tianai avoided this phenomenon through exercise. the first thing she did when she got up in the morning was to go to the gym and lift the barbell when she put on makeup. When she goes home at night, during the interval of skin care, she will also do several groups of squats and stretches to maintain a good figure. In this way, the body looks strong and strong by breaking down the excess fat in the body through exercise. Of course, this kind of exercise should be persisted for a long time, because the flesh of the body does not grow in a day, and if you want to reduce it, it cannot be achieved at once, so the combination of exercise and diet is very effective.

According to the ranking of yoga teachers in Harbin, what do you think of the post-90s girls in Harbin who have become popular on the Internet for quitting their jobs in state-owned enterprises to practice yoga?

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