Which yoga training institution is not as rich as RYS,ryt or rys?

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  1. Which is more gold, ryt or rys?
  2. National Yoga Union RYT Yoga instructor Certificate, is it useful?
  3. Do you have to teach yoga if you want to practice yoga well? What do you think?

Which is more gold, ryt or rys?

Ryt has high gold content.

RYT international yoga instructor certificate is recognized by the industry as a high gold content and authoritative certificate. To obtain this certificate, you need to study systematically in a professional yoga instructor training school with RYS qualification, complete the corresponding training courses, and obtain the RYT international yoga instructor certificate.

National Yoga Union RYT Yoga instructor Certificate, is it useful?

It doesn't work. Why: because this card is so easy to get, as long as you pay to study at RYS School, you will be eligible to apply for a RYT Yoga teacher Certificate from the National Union. The National Yoga Alliance, which no one knew before, is now popular. It is really ridiculous that the Chinese collectively give the money to the Americans and let them give you approval. Yoga originated in India, didn't it? All the certificates are a commercial promotion, and even if you study hard with jios, the successor of Mysore Tonga Yoga, you will not get the certificate. In the process of certifying RYT, no one will evaluate you. Do you think the certified personnel of the National Yoga Alliance will see whether your practice is good or bad? All they see is money.

Do you have to teach yoga if you want to practice yoga well? What do you think?

As a practitioner with a history of nine years of yoga, I almost never try to practice on my own at home (although my posture is no problem for teaching). As I practice more and more deeply, you will know that this is a very harmful exercise, and yoga is known as lesbian, lesbian and goodbye to the traditional people. In contrast, today's yoga has put more emphasis on muscle and bone practice (different from the softness in the past), so it is completely different to stretch at home following the posture on the computer. Moreover, in the gym, in front of the mirror and the instructor, yoga is still a relatively high-risk exercise, the basic practice is not good, the later harm to the body is great (you go to ask the yoga instructors in the nearby gym, have you ever suffered any physical injuries? You will know how dangerous it is to practice indiscriminately.

I am a person who has just come out of the teaching class, just to practice yoga better. I would like to express my opinion here. (the picture comes from the Internet)

Problems often encountered in good yoga practice

The following problems are often encountered in the process of practicing yoga:

1. Action details

In fact, many yoga movements are not what they look like, although I did a 99% laugh when I practiced.

But it is difficult to see the strength point, the method of muscle mobilization, breathing, positive position and so on.

2. Physical feelings

Everyone's physical condition is different, so there is no way to generalize.

And many people when yoga muscles ache, intense pain, or other feelings

I don't know if it's normal to feel this way.

Either put up with it in the course of practice, or feel uncomfortable and give up.

So when you practice, it is easy to have a strain and the exercise effect is not good (picture from the Internet)

3. It's hard to correct yourself.

Even if you know all kinds of details, there will still be things you don't notice when you practice.

There are many problems that can not be found by practicing in front of the mirror.

Maybe I think it's standard, but it's not correct.

You need a teacher to point it out.

To practice yoga well, you don't have to choose a teaching class.

In the process of practicing yoga, we need a good yoga teacher to guide and lead.

Only experienced teachers can correct, explain details, find problems and solve problems ahead of time.

And a good yoga teacher is not so easy to meet.

And there are about a dozen people in a 60-minute class and a gym / yoga class.

The teacher's energy is limited and can not be taken care of completely, which is also a problem (the picture comes from the Internet)

But choosing a teaching class is the most convenient and fast way.

And choosing a teaching class is the most convenient and quickest way.

The teaching and training class is usually one day at a time, which will last about 30 days.

And the general size of the training class is not very large, and the teachers are trying their best to teach.

Problems can be asked and solved at any time.

You can also systematically understand the knowledge of yoga:

Such as action details, possible problems, anatomy, passwords, orthopedic positions, meditation, rest techniques, etc.

Even if you don't promote yourself as a coach, you are completely OK. (we teach the training class and like to take pictures during the break.)

Personal opinion, welcome to correct

I am Chen Yoga. Follow me and join me in Yoga.

The cost of teaching and training will be a little high, you can try my way to yoga.

I learned yoga without teaching. Through understanding, I know that if I want to practice yoga well to avoid injury, I must understand the detailed requirements of yoga movements.

When I first learned yoga, I first took private lessons. The teacher was very professional and explained the details and requirements of the movements in detail. After about ten classes, I followed the group class. There were few people in the group class, and I practiced for three or four months. Because of the epidemic, I practiced with keep at home by myself. In the practice, I think it is still necessary to experience the awareness of the body with your heart, that is, when you follow the practice, do you feel the details mentioned by the teacher and slowly understand them?

On the road of 🧘‍♀️ yoga, taking your time is fast.

From experience, yoga requires professional guidance at its best.

I have done it by myself with the mobile phone before, and it felt OK, but later, when I had a professional teacher, I found that what I felt I had done well, the point of effort and the point of effort were all wrong. Sometimes you have to take the right breath.

Sometimes the wrong action can have a big impact.

So to practice yoga well, you still need to find a professional teacher.

Personally, I think it is better to learn to teach and cultivate. If you learn to teach and train, you will be more professional and systematic. I also took a member class for three years before I became a yoga teacher. I was in touch with yoga, and later I learned to "practice yoga" after being recommended by a friend to train a yoga instructor. I found that before the member class, I was simply listening to the teacher's commands to imitate the movements, and did not achieve the real purpose of the practice, and even some asanas were not done properly, which would hurt the body. After learning yoga instructor training, I know that many asanas are not only in place, but also need to be mobilized musculoskeletal, need to find the feeling to practice this pose, not posturing! The premise of learning a yoga instructor is to find a good institution where you can really learn something, not that you can't learn something even though the tuition is very expensive. As a teacher, you must be able to go out and take lessons. If you can't take classes after learning, you might as well find a yoga studio to do a New year's card practice. It's best to find that kind of teaching bag! So if you want to learn yoga well, you should learn from a yoga instructor.

Then tell everyone how to change from rookie to yoga instructor!

First of all, as a result, being a yoga instructor is super simple, zero foundation, no educational requirements, no gender restrictions, and you will be a nominal instructor after paying tuition fees for a month.

The picture above first.

Curriculum arrangement alone, this is relatively better, more transparent, more systematic, some people question this system? (please make up your own brain dubbing "hehe") when you see nothing but some practice pictures and videos, and some don't know the true and false screenshots, there will be a comparison.

Why is it a nominal coach? Because graduation ≠ employment, there is no class, how to teach? The yoga industry is very harsh on junior coaches. You can search for yoga recruitment information at will.

At least one year's experience is required, so how to accumulate this year's experience-- substitute teaching for others

For example, in places such as the gym, the yoga teacher has something to do temporarily and find someone to replace the last class. at this time, you can practice with other people's members. although this is not very kind, it is indeed a way to grow rapidly. there will be some problems in the first class, be prepared to make mistakes in advance, relax first, go back and sum up after class, and then have the opportunity to go back to the substitute class and exercise more. In this way, you will have a year's experience and know if the yoga instructor is really what you expected.

The transition from a white boy to a rookie is over. Let's talk about how to change from a coach to a good coach.

Then the picture above

Which yoga training institution is not as rich as RYS,ryt or rys?

Probably made a mind map, not much modification, I don't know if I can see it clearly.

First of all, to become a yoga instructor, you don't just have to break a certificate, you not only have to teach, you have to practice! Why separate, because you basically have nothing to practice when you teach, you have to demonstrate, to observe, to assist, to explain, to receive feedback, and so on.

According to this picture, I went on to say, how can I teach? First, you have to learn.


The things covered by the junior coach training are mentioned in the first picture. In the zero basic training, the extra emphasis you need to master is the password and assistance. The teacher may teach, but more will not teach. I have seen so much that you can't even open your mouth after training.

In intermediate training, you need to learn breath control, bundle collection, yoga cleaning, yoga meditation, etc., so that you have the ability to teach what you have learned to your members in the form of a course.


After you taste the happiness that yoga brings to you, try to get in touch with more yoga schools, A Tang, Yin, Liu, Kundalini, etc., and find your favorite.

Take part in some special workshops to refine yourself


You have to keep learning and explore the meaning of yoga as well as being responsible to your members.

Classic books on yoga philosophy, the Yoga Sutra, the Yoga Tree, the Bhagavad Gita, and so on.

Yoga exercise science classics "Yoga Light", "Yoga 3D Anatomy", "Anatomy Train" and so on.


Focus on one school, and in-depth study, turn the fur into profound, from profound to professional

Focus on the yoga path you choose, and the longer you stay in the yoga circle, the smaller the circle will be. Everyone has never seen it, but they have all heard of each other, but who said it? What did you say? It's very important, that is, the evaluation of you in the industry.

Now, learned, refined, taught, and professional, how to practice

Yoga teachers without self-study are fraudulent.

Let's start with asana, most people use asana as the starting point for yoga (although breathing is more important)

[turn the meeting into a mature one]

Many yoga books record "there are 84000 asanas in yoga" and "there are 84 million postures in yoga. There are as many kinds of yoga poses as there are animals in the world." but can you really practice that much? The answer is not at all. There are only more than 100 commonly used asanas. There may be some higher-level asanas that you cannot do among these 100-plus asanas. Please don't worry, even if you only practice sun worship every day, familiarize yourself with the main points of asanas, the effects of asanas, and so on.

[turn the familiar into the conscious]

When you are familiar with a pose, you do not need to pay too much attention to whether the pose is right or wrong, but more about talking to your body, stable, inward rotation, extension, there will be a voice in your heart to put these words in your ear.

Repeat the conscious pose to try the asana you are not familiar with. [with awareness to turn the unfamiliar asana into the familiar] [over and over again]

After the asana, say breathe.

To feel the connection between your body and the outside world in your breath, you have to keep practicing until you can master it and use it skillfully before you can teach it to others. Otherwise, what if your members make you unable to demonstrate? If you don't know how to do this breathing, how can you teach others?

Meditation is the same.

If you don't find happiness in meditation, how can you relax others if you don't look at yourself and calm your mind in meditation?

Exercises on passwords and auxiliary techniques

With the accumulation of experience, you can take more courses from other coaches and find out what kind of password is simple and easy to understand, how to assist science and comfort in other people's class.

Finally, attach the price reference for all kinds of training

Primary education 4000-10000 'has an upward trend in the last two years.

The cost of intermediate and advanced training ranges from 8000 to 15000.

A famous teacher workshop (about 3 days of courses) ranges from 2000 to 4000

An open course or training for a famous foreign teacher (for 3 days) ranges from 6000 to 10000.

If you sign up for ttc or ryt, it ranges from 20 to 50, 000

When it comes to ryt, just say it briefly.

Ryt full name is registered yoga teacher registered yoga teachers, the National Yoga Union is a registration body, not a certification body! Not a certification body! Not a certification body!

Rys is a yoga school registered by registered yoga school.

So there are three conditions to become ryt

1. Education and training are registered and completed at the Rys National Yoga Alliance, which means that you cannot become a ryt even if you attend 200 hours in a school that is not Rys!

2. You register online with the National Yoga Alliance and pass it, pass it, pass it!

3. Annual fee must be paid every year

ryt-200 You are a registered 200-hour yoga league teacher

ryt-500 You are a registered 500-hour yoga league teacher

Ryt doesn't have 300

eryt-200 more advanced


When you become one of the above "ryt"

You can apply for a child yoga teacher or a pregnancy yoga teacher

So how to start rys

Four conditions must also be met

1. Submit the materials to meet the requirements and standards of the National Yoga Alliance

2. Become a member of the National Yoga Alliance

3. Certified by the National Yoga Alliance

4. An annual fee is required