New gynaecology and new andrology: where is the new?

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In the future, the mainstream of private medical care is "small and beautiful" consumer medical care, and new gynaecology and new men's department will have a bright future as a new track of consumer medical care. Of course, if you want to get into the game, entrepreneurs and investors can't just have money, but also have to have a new understanding.

Source: shopkeeper Lin (kanbingtong)

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01| |What is the new department of gynaecology and the new department of andrology?

New gynecology and new andrology are relative to traditional gynecology (obstetrics and gynecology) and traditional andrology (urology). They are not gynecological hospitals, obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, men's hospitals, urology hospitals and even women's hospitals and men's hospitals that were advertised on the street.

New gynecologyLed or co-founded by gynaecologists (obstetrics and gynaecologists), a "small but beautiful" clinic or clinic specializing in gynecological inflammation, irregular menstruation, sexual dysfunction, infertility and pelvic floor rehabilitation, postpartum rehabilitation, female health care, etc.

New andrologyIt is a "small and beautiful" clinic or clinic with urology (urology) doctors leading or participating in the establishment of genitourinary inflammation, sexual dysfunction, infertility and prepuce phimosis, male health care and so on.

According to the shopkeeper's definition of consumer health care, that is, "Consumer medical care refers to the medical services and products chosen by consumers in order to meet the needs of a better life, pursue efficacy value and consumer experience, and do not rely on basic medical insurance payments.". Obviously, the new gynecology department and the new male department match every point.

02| |Where is the "new" of new gynaecology and new andrology?

There are mainly "three new" in new gynecology and new andrology.

New gynaecology and new andrology: where is the new?

A "new" in business.New gynecology, new men's business itself is not new, traditional gynecology men's department is also involved, its "new" in the business positioning. New gynecology specializes in gynecological inflammation, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, routine diagnosis and treatment of infertility, pelvic floor dysfunction, sub-health care and other diseases and business. New men specialize in prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other inflammation, oligospermia, weak semen, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction, as well as non-operative treatment of phimosis, sub-health care and other diseases and business. The main treatment methods are medicine, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and psychological intervention.

New gynaecology and new male department, basically do not do surgery.Some even do not do the short and fast "abortion surgery, prepuce phimosis surgery" that traditional gynaecology and traditional masculine departments are keen on. There are also sexually transmitted diseases that may affect the consumer experience of other target customers, as well as risky "drug flows" involving family planning.

Second, "new" is in the form of business.The traditional gynecology male department is mainly in the hospital format, while the new gynecology and new male department is mainly in the boutique "small and beautiful" outpatient department or clinic, which pursues not only functional value and curative effect value, but also convenience, privacy and service experience. pursue emotional satisfaction and even emotional release.

In terms of store location and decoration layout, new gynaecology and new men's departments should give priority to the consumption experience of target customers, and give priority to street-facing properties in major business areas and residential areas in the city, with first floor and facade, and "one drag and two" properties are given priority. Transportation and parking are convenient. Decoration style and internal layout should also fully learn from health salons and beauty salons and other life service formats.

Third, the "new" operators.That is to say, the leaders of new gynaecology and new andrology are mostly doctors, or the main founders of the organization should at least have reliable gynaecologists and andrologists, not pure businessmen, let alone traditional departments. Only when the regular army enters the bureau can doctors really have the decision-making power of institutions or clinical diagnosis and treatment, and it will be possible to change the gynecological male business model, which has been criticized by people for decades.

New gynecology and new men's department are based on the surrounding 3-5 km market, do not rely on search bidding and other advertisements to win customers, do not make money by driving up the single average, but with accurate professional technology, considerate and meticulous quality service, convenient and fast consumer experience, no deception, no exaggeration, so as to win the recognition of middle and high-end customers.

03| |What are the opportunities for new gynaecology and new andrology?

Today, in many social medical races, the traditional gynecological male department, like the traditional medical department, has come to an end.But this does not mean that the gynecological male market demand is gone, on the contrary, the gynecological male market demand is not only there all the time, but also has more space.

The core logic of judgment is mainly three: first, the gynecological male demand is very rigid, many pain points and strong privacy; second, the public hospital experience is not good, the traditional gynecological male reputation is too poor; third, the assisted reproductive center urgently needs to layout the referral network, the Internet pregnancy platform also needs to expand offline outpatient cash.

Generally speaking, the development of new gynaecology and new andrology has just begun, and there are already some forerunners and pathfinders in the market. Comparatively speaking, many new gynecological institutions have begun to have a chain scale, and the development is faster than the new male department, but the doctor-led new gynecological institutions are less than the new male department.

The new department of gynecology has "good luck gang" offline chain reproductive clinic.Peanut medical treatmentSeven chains have been rapidly set up in five cities, including Beijing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Jinan.

There are other people who focus on gynecological reproduction.Kapok medical treatmentAndMedical treatment with sealAmong them, kapok medical has 15 chain organizations in 10 cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shantou, Huizhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi'an and Changsha. Youxi Medical has laid out 5 chain organizations in Changsha, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Guangzhou.

New gynecology and gynaecology of traditional Chinese medicine as the main profession.Taikun HallFour chain TCM institutions have been set up in three cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

In the new male department, Dr. Lin Weiguang, who resigned from the Department of Urology in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, started a prostatitis diagnosis and treatment program.Renhui outpatient department

And Dr. Zhu Hua, who started his own business after being transferred from a military hospital in Shanghai, founded a non-operative treatment of prepuce phimosis for children.Wish Hua surgery Clinic (Ding Bird Collection).

June 26, 2022, a brand new brand of men's health care under the banner of neighbor good Medicine. "Mr. hard goods.The offline outpatient clinic opened in Hangzhou full-process medical Mall, officially testing the waters of the "new male department" business.

The shopkeeper believes that the mainstream of private medical care in the future is "small and beautiful" consumer medical care, and new gynaecology and new men's department will have a bright future as a new track of consumer medical care. Of course, if you want to get into the game, entrepreneurs and investors can't just have money, but also have to have a new understanding.

What on earth is a new understanding?For example, is it possible to reduce the dimensions of new gynaecology and new men's departments to crack down on those unreliable health centers that collect intelligence tax? Professional gynaecologists or male doctors take the lead, under the guidance of strict medical concepts, the use of non-medical means and methods to provide reliable health care for target customers?

This is not only logically feasible, but a forerunner has taken this step to explore the "small and beautiful"octopus" chain model of "medical level + life level", medical level endorsement, good expansion of life level, classified and graded services, and two-way diversion in the body, which can be called a golden partner.Yes, Dr. Jiangmenlin mentioned earlier has not only set up a prostate clinic, but also opened a men's health center with "prostate massage, kidney and strong root" as its main business.

Is this model very innovative? No, no! It's just that it's relatively new in the field of gynecology and andrology.InNew rehabilitationIn the field, the head chain brand "Youfu" has formed a "octopus" chain model of "4 medical-grade rehabilitation clinics + 10 life-level stretch stores". It's more likeOphthalmic lightThere is a "ophthalmology clinic + optometry center or visual protection center" model.Traditional Chinese medicineThere is also the mode of "outpatient department + health preservation hall".BeautyNot to mention, the double beauty mode of "medical beauty + health beauty" has long been prevalent all over the world.

From a long-term and safety point of view, it is far more reliable for decent people to do indecent things than for indecent people to do serious things.


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