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Health Tips

Health for everyone

Is of vital importance.

In our daily life

We need to know some health tips and

Learn to live a healthy life.

Let health be the source of a happy life.

Tips from the university remind you that

Diet should be varied and well-matched.

On average, you should consume more than 12 kinds of food per day.

More than 25 kinds of food per week.

If you eat the same amount of food, you will have a great body.

Tips from Shida remind you that

Eat and move in a balanced way to be healthy.

The BMI factor should be standardized, and the body should be energetic.

Tips to remind you that

Exercise should be persistent, and the intensity should be appropriate.

At least 5 days a week of moderate intensity physical activity.

Let your health go with you.

Tips from Shidai University remind you that

Learn to cook and pass on traditional food.

Enjoy the natural flavors of food.

Shidai's tip is to remind you that

Juice is good to drink, but don't drink it too much!

Juice is not a substitute for fresh fruit.

To live a healthy life, make sure you consume 2000350 grams of fresh fruit every day.

Tips from Shida remind you that

Fish, poultry, meat and eggs should be in moderation.

120,200 grams per day.

Drop, this health tip has been received ~

Give preference to fish.

Eat less fatty meat, smoked and cured meat products.

The teacher's tip reminds you that

Milk is good to drink and nutritious.

It is recommended to drink more than 300 ml of milk per day.

It is recommended to drink more than 300 ml of milk per day or to consume an equivalent amount of dairy products.

Refuse disease and embrace health.

Health tips for this summer

Together with the students of the university

Stay away from epidemic diseases and

Focus on healthy living.


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