Qingdao yoga, spleen and stomach is not good is caused by heavy dampness?

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  1. Is the spleen and stomach bad caused by heavy dampness?

Is the spleen and stomach bad caused by heavy dampness?

Hello, subject!

We Qingdao traditional Chinese medicine mask expert workstation to study the subject of moisture, research and development for one year and two months. In the process, more than 4,000 people were investigated through tongue diagnosis.

About the subject mentioned: spleen and stomach deficiency, is it caused by dampness? Let me state my point of view:

First, the relationship between spleen and stomach deficiency and dampness?

Among the 4000 people we studied, more than 95% of them were judged to have dampness by tongue examination, and almost 100% of these people had deficiency of spleen and stomach.

Thus it can be seen that moisture, especially heavy moisture, will certainly lead to the decline of the function of spleen and stomach, resulting in weakness of spleen and stomach, disharmony between spleen and stomach, and dysfunction of spleen and stomach.

Second, is the heavy dampness and deficiency of the spleen and stomach one-way or two-way?

On this point, some people with basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine all know that spleen deficiency leads to dampness. The experts of our expert workstation want to further demonstrate the above point of view through practical investigation. Among the 4000 people we surveyed, among those with moisture, we focused on observing the tongue of this group in the morning and found a surprising commonality: people with heavy moisture have tooth marks around their tongues, and the heavier the moisture, the more obvious the tooth marks.

In our R & D team, a director of traditional Chinese medicine with more than 20 years of clinical experience told us that all tongues with tooth marks are basically spleen deficiency for more than three years.

Through the above investigation and analysis, we found that: the weight of dampness and spleen deficiency is a two-way causal relationship: spleen deficiency is heavy dampness, and the weight of dampness will also aggravate spleen deficiency.

Third, is spleen deficiency the only cause of excessive dampness?

People with the basis of traditional Chinese medicine all know that spleen deficiency is not the only cause of excessive dampness: in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, dampness is divided into internal dampness and exogenous dampness, and internal dampness also has different pathogenic factors.

A consensus has been reached on this point, but a large number of practical cases are needed for further study in order to seek greater breakthroughs in the field of dampness dispelling and conditioning for the benefit of more people. Readers with moisture can send me photos of their tongues. Experts from our expert workstation give free tongue diagnosis and conditioning advice, and also contribute to our research on dampness dispelling and conditioning.

It can also be said that the heavy dampness is the weakness of the spleen and stomach, which can not transport the excess water. If the spleen and stomach is normal, how much food to eat is digested by the stomach, the spleen absorbs nutrients, and all the excess things are transported and excreted, where is the dampness evil? it is our bad living habits that break the balance of the internal environment of the body and affect the normal operation of the spleen and stomach.

Everyone lives on the same earth, why some people are very healthy, like a forest, some trees can thrive, some trees are thin and small, the same environment, why the same land is so different?

If you want to remove moisture, recuperate the spleen and stomach at the same time, drink more millet yam porridge, eat less, forbid junk food, spicy stimulation and eat less, do more aerobic exercise, sweat more, such as running, basking in the sun, soak your feet with pepper.

Go to bed early and get up early on time, eat at most seven minutes full, do not eat sweets, sweet can be trapped in the spleen, affect the movement of the spleen and stomach, eat more light fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy meat, can eat some animal lean meat

Adzuki beans, barley rice, Euryale seeds boil porridge to drink together, you can also use soy milk machine to beat paste to eat, some people say that eating does not work, maybe you bought the wrong red bean barley rice

Generally buy red beans without dampness removal effect, adzuki beans are dampness-removing, adzuki beans are slender, red beans are short and thick, and many people will buy barley rice by mistake.

There are barley on the left, small round grains on the left and grass beads on the right, which are much larger, that is, the round beads we wore on our hands and necks when we were young. This has no dampening effect, generally more than three pieces, four pieces more than one jin.

Before using the barley, stir-fry the barley over low heat and fry it until it turns yellow and has a charred fragrance, because the barley is cold, and the fried barley can dispel the cold and remove dampness better, faster and more obvious.

This sentence should be reversed! Heavy dampness is caused by deficiency of spleen and stomach! The spleen dominates the movement, and the deficiency of the spleen and stomach is heavy in dampness, so the dehumidification cannot be removed alone. It is necessary to start from the conditioning of the spleen and stomach in order to fundamentally recuperate! Ten cold is easy to get rid of, but one dampness is hard to dispel! That's the truth! Mainly because there is no recuperation right! Start from the spleen and stomach conditioning, spleen and stomach good natural moisture will also go, observation of tongue coating and stool this is the most intuitive view.

There are many reasons for bad spleen and stomach, what causes need to see a doctor, but how to regulate the spleen and stomach, I know, a set of ultra-simple movements, can regulate the relationship between the internal organs!

Xiaoga quotation: you can do what you love.

The body is the capital of the revolution, a good body can give us the motivation to move forward. But now more and more phenomena let us find that many people choose to work outside when they are young, and when they are old, their bodies can no longer hold up. Ten years of military horse, ten years of sadness, slowly no longer a cavity of warm blood, until the age, the body function is also slowly degraded.

The early deterioration of physical function not only makes us older and older, but also harms the health of our internal organs. Affect the body's blood circulation, lower blood pressure, then we can not give up our motivation to move forward, we must ensure that we work hard and take care of the body at the same time.

Yoga 7 movements, take you to relieve stress, improve the physical condition, can not wait for it, then quickly with Xiaoga to do it, have a set every day, happy every day.

1. One-leg Hanuman

a. The body stands on the ground, the first step is one-legged Haman practice, the first step is to carry out an one-word horse.

b. When a horse with two legs, the rear leg is curled up so that the thigh and calf are perpendicular to each other, and the heel is against the end of the thigh; the lower leg of the rear leg is bent upward, and there is about a right angle between the thigh and the calf.

c. The upper body is leaning back, the head is leaning back hard, and the neck is straight so that the head is in contact with the calves of the back legs.

d. Take five breaths at a time

2. Sit and stand forward flexion

a. Keep your legs straight, the soles of your feet up, your hands on the soles of your feet, and your buttocks slightly back, keeping your legs under the ground.

b. Put your weight between your legs and stretch your hands straight.

Everyone keeps their muscles taut during practice.

c. The upper body should be straight, with the face looking forward, and the hands, arms and legs on a horizontal plane.

d. Take five breaths at a time

3. Standing forward flexion and leg winding

a. Body standing on the ground, feet slowly apart, one toe raised, legs bent, hands together, arms through the bent thighs

b. Put your body center of gravity between your legs, squint your face in front of you, keep your neck straight, practice according to your ability, don't be too reluctant, be careful to lose your center of gravity, fall and get hurt.

c. Take five breaths at a time

4. Simple horse riding

a. The body stands on the ground, the legs are in the shape of a horse, the front legs are slowly raised, the thighs are perpendicular to the calves, the toes support the ground, the tiptoes of the hind feet are raised, and the legs bend slightly.

b. The center of gravity of the body is placed on the toes of the feet, the neck is straight, the chest is naturally upright, the face squints forward, the upper body bends slightly, and the waist is curved.

c. Take five breaths at a time

5. easy to sit

a. The body sits on the ground, the legs are naturally crossed, the thighs are close to the calves, the soles of the feet are facing up, and the hands and arms are naturally relaxed and placed on the knees of the legs.

b. The center of gravity of the body is placed between the legs, the upper body is straight, the neck is raised, the face looks straight ahead, the abdomen contracts slightly, and the waist is lifted up.

c. Take five breaths at a time

6. Thunder and lightning sit

a. When practicing thunder and lightning sitting, the first step is to sit your body on the ground, fold your legs naturally, and touch the ground with your hands, knees and hands to support your body.

b. The center of gravity of the body should be placed on the feet and hands, the upper body is straight, the face squints forward, and the neck is straight. Pay attention to keeping the whole body relaxed when practicing

c. Take five breaths at a time

7. Frogs lie down

a. When you lie flat on the ground, you should first use two arms to support your body against the wall, bend your legs, 60 degrees between your thighs and calves, raise your thighs forward, and contract your buttocks.

d. The center of gravity of the body is placed between the legs, the upper body is leaned back, the face squints forward, the neck is raised naturally, pay attention to the inertia of the body to prevent the body from falling.

c. Pressure on the abdomen slightly, pay attention to the coordination of the whole body in practice, and don't rush to succeed.

d. Take five breaths at a time

Xiao Jia has something to say about how to take care of his body:

Keep your diet healthy every day. As long as you practice yoga every day, you will suddenly find yourself more and more different one day.

Today's interactive topic: what do you think is the most important thing to practice yoga?

Qingdao yoga, spleen and stomach is not good is caused by heavy dampness?

For example, Xiaoga's is: Jian! Hold it!