To take care of the heart, life should start from two aspects, do not worry about heart problems after
The heart is an important organ of the human body, once the heart problems will undoubtedly life safety will also be affected, although age and geneti…… Heart disease Physical examination Eat in four seas and eight Knowledge change life Universal health dou up Wine Genetic
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Health Class | No need to worry too much about occasional premature heartbeat
In recent times, Ms. Wang often had palpitations, as if her heart thumped to a halt, and sometimes there was a feeling of falling, very uncomfortable…… Heart disease Coronary heart disease Physical examination Hypertension Knowledge changes life Sleepwear million bacteria Sports The country's famous doctor on the headlines
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Morning Reading (On August 2, focus on health every day)
Health ReminderA small amount of pelvic fluid can be absorbed on its own, no need to worry Many people panic when they are found to have pelvic fluid…… Patchouli Hypertension Stroke Universal health dou up Celiac disease Medicine Health Chinese medicine Sleep a million large bacteria Mouth ulcers Physical examination First aid Pelvic inflammatory disease
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Healthy living starts with daily diet and nutrition, please take this diet guide for the elderly →
This year's theme is & quot;Improving Nutrition for the Elderly and Promoting Health in the Elderly", with a focus on the nutritional health…… Health care products Beautiful Always around Fix your health care misconceptions Jumping those things Physical examination Anemia Vegetables
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World Kidney Day | Take a look at the kidneys
World Kidney Day is jointly proposed by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Kidney Foundation Alliance and is celebrated on…… Kidney disease Hypertension Anemia Physical examination Fracture Osteoporosis Cardiovascular Medicine Everything moves with the new
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Today, let's get to know our kidneys
World Kidney Day World Kidney Day, jointly proposed by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Kidney Foundation, is celebrated…… Kidney disease Physical examination Diabetes Jumping those things Hypertension National health dou up Drugs Cabbage Tomatoes Prostate What do you want to escape most now Sleepwear million big bacteria
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How can you tell if you have liver disease? These 4 methods can be used to confirm the diagnosis
Liver disease is now a highly prevalent disease, and many people are understandably afraid of developing it. There are many ways to determine liver di…… Chinese medicine Universal health dou up Physical examination Hepatitis B Medicine Chai Hu Gardenia Phellodendron
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