The kidneys are "silent." if there's a problem, they don't "talk."
The kidney is an important disease in the human body. "chronic kidney disease is an irreversible disease, and its severity often worsens with the…… Kidney is an important "filtering" organ in human body. Chronic kidney disease is an irreversible disease and its severity often deteriorates with the passage of time. Patients with end-stage renal disease need to receive dialysis or renal transplantation in the form of renal replacement therapy to improve the quality of life and prolong life. Therefore attention should be paid to the prevention and protection of kidney health.Han Jing a hemodialysis doctor at Dalian Public Health Clinical Center (sixth Hospital) said that the kidney is a "silent" organ each kidney consists of about 1 million nephron when some nephron is damaged the remaining nephron will redouble its work to compensate for the nephron that cannot "work" so even if the kidney has been seriously damaged the human body will not feel obvious discomfort. It only shows fatigue anorexia and bad complexion. Therefore people at high risk of having a family history of hypertension Diabetes heart disease and kidney disease or kidney failure should regularly check their kidney function. It is suggested that healthy people should also be examined regularly which is helpful for early detection of renal problems and timely intervention and treatment.Han Jing warned that common renal function tests include urine tests blood tests and imaging tests. The results of different types of renal function tests reflect different aspects and the diagnosis of the disease needs to be judged comprehensively by comprehensive clinical features and laboratory results.Source: Dalian Daily
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The private part itches unbearably? Do not be careless, beware of these four gynecological diseases!
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After infecting COVID-19, why can you have a headache and muscle pain? Which medicine can relieve pain?
One of the most frequently mentioned symptoms is pain. About 70% of patients have pain problems, and only 7% of patients show central pain. Peripheral…… t we should not be too negative. There is a process from infection to antibody production and most people's symptoms are not serious. They can be cured slowly through their own resistance and drug assistance. If combined with a positive attitude the rehabilitation process will be accelerated and a good state of mind is also an important part of the rehabilitation process. So we don't need to panic just keep the attitude of scientific prevention and control.People with underlying diseases should not be nervous. Control the underlying diseases and keep them in a stable state. As long as they pass through the early stage of the disease they will slowly improve. According to the experience of many people they will fully recover in about 6 days and be able to live and work normally so we must have peace of mind. # A good doctor escorts health # ' Recently many netizens have shared their symptoms after being infected with novel coronavirus on the Internet. One of the most frequently mentioned symptoms is pain and there is pain in many parts of the body such as headache muscle pain limb pain and so on. So many infected people began to consult relevant experts.Why do you feel pain after infecting COVID-19 acetaminophen. However if acute pain turns into chronic pain you should go to the hospital in time.For patients with cerebrovascular diseases Diabetes
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Reminder: these 6 chronic diseases, easy to induce cardiovascular disease, can not be left unattended
Cardiovascular disease is now the main disease that threatens human health and life safety, and the current high incidence of cardiovascular disease…… Cardiovascular disease Diabetes Hypertension Osteoporosis Knowledge changes lives sleeping with millions of germs
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News 1? 1? China's chronic diseases are quietly changing, do you know these?
The whole year 2020Almost the eyes of the worldare focused on the new crown pneumoniaThis is also a wake-up call for usDon't ignoreother diseases that…… Hypertension News Panda bao-lai Beautiful Always around Vegetables Cancer Dried fruit Imperfect mother Sichuan cuisine Tobacco First job in life Sports Diabetes Environmental pollution Wine
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How is reimbursement for outpatient chronic diseases calculated?
I've learned a lot about outpatient chronic disease reimbursement policies, but how are they actually calculated? There are still many participants wh…… Medicare Drugs Payment can be very _ Diabetes
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