A sudden heart thump, is it a heart attack? The causes have been summarized, self-examination
Was chatting with others, suddenly felt a heart thump, feel that moment the heart no longer beating, the whole chest have a sense of pressure, but onl…… Heart disease Coronary heart disease Hypertension Knowledge changes lives Cardiovascular disease
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Is a & quot;big heart" a good thing? Doctors say straight: heart enlargement, and cardiovascular disease related
Hello everyone I am Dr. Huang Zhaoqi, today, let me talk to you about the enlarged heart. We see the picture showing two different hearts, one of a no…… Cardiovascular disease Heart disease Hypertension Coronary heart disease Medicine
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Health Class | No need to worry too much about occasional premature heartbeat
In recent times, Ms. Wang often had palpitations, as if her heart thumped to a halt, and sometimes there was a feeling of falling, very uncomfortable…… Heart disease Coronary heart disease Physical examination Hypertension Knowledge changes life Sleepwear million bacteria Sports The country's famous doctor on the headlines
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