The child often has a stomachache, which may be the disease, and surgery may be needed if it is not treated in time.
When parents take their children to the hospital for examination after their children have a cold, fever or gastrointestinal infection, many parents w…… Therefore when the onset of mesenteric lymphadenitis parents should stop their children from eating to ensure that the intestines and stomach are no longer stimulated. The follow-up diet should also be light and digestible until the child fully recovers.At the same time parents should pay attention to that if the child's diarrhea and vomiting are more serious or if the condition is not improved after a few days of treatment they must seek medical advice in time and do not delay the child's condition The reason why this disease is more common in children but not in adults is mainly becauseThe child's intestinal tract is immature the barrier effect is poor and the mesenteric lymph nodes are relatively abundant. When the body is infected the intestinal tract is unable to resist infection causing this part of the lymph nodes to become inflamed and swollen.When the child's lymph nodes are inflamed and swollenThe main manifestation is a stomachache.Some children suffer from mild pain while others suffer from severe pain And there are not a few children in this situation. Many children are unable to go to school because of a stomachache so they have to rest at home. Sometimes because of improper nursing the child ingests irritating food in the process of recovery which will stimulate the lymph nodes again leading to poor inflammation .If the inflammation is serious and not treated in time
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