Where exactly is the pain in the stomach? Possible diseases of abdominal pain in different locations
The human abdomen is located between the pelvis and the chest and occupies a large area. In order to accurately describe where the abdominal symptoms…… Gallstones Gastritis Universal health dou up Fix your health care misconceptions
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Illustrations of the popular knowledge of hypertension ~ worth collecting
What is hypertension? What are the basic symptoms of hypertension? What is the difference between the two types of hypertension? Can hypertension be c…… Hypertension Drugs Universal health dou up Collection Knowledge change life
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To take care of the heart, life should start from two aspects, do not worry about heart problems after
The heart is an important organ of the human body, once the heart problems will undoubtedly life safety will also be affected, although age and geneti…… Heart disease Physical examination Eat in four seas and eight Knowledge change life Universal health dou up Wine Genetic
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Three minutes to give you a comprehensive understanding of why people get kidney disease
The number of patients coming to the clinic to see kidney disease is getting younger and younger. When these young people are first diagnosed with kid…… Kidney disease Anemia Universal health dou up Chinese medicine
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Morning Reading (On August 2, focus on health every day)
Health ReminderA small amount of pelvic fluid can be absorbed on its own, no need to worry Many people panic when they are found to have pelvic fluid…… Patchouli Hypertension Stroke Universal health dou up Celiac disease Medicine Health Chinese medicine Sleep a million large bacteria Mouth ulcers Physical examination First aid Pelvic inflammatory disease
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Jumping gymnastics 2 hours a day to & quot;muscle dissolution"? Why exercise has become a & quot;health killer"
Source: Internet joint disinformation platform Recently, the topic # girls jumping exercise 2 hours a day to muscle dissolution # rushed on the hot se…… Everything moves with the new Universal health dou up Soy sauce Medicine Running
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Morning Reading (August 1, focus on health every day)
Health AlertDon't use these & quot;native methods" to deal with burns Summer clothes wear less, once the hot liquid spilled on the child, mor…… Medicine Universal health dou up Soy sauce Sports Everything moves with the new Imperfect mom Clothing Cardiovascular Liquor
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