Bend arm one-legged wheel type yoga, how should abdomen reduce ability to be effective?

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  1. How should abdomen reduce ability to be effective?

How should abdomen reduce ability to be effective?

Big belly is due to diet high calorie food. The accumulation of high calorie food causes excessive nutrition and fat accumulation to form obesity.

At the same time, too little exercise results in fat not being metabolized well. Both causes exist at the same time, which eventually causes a big belly.

Therefore, the best way to effectively lose a big belly is to keep your mouth shut and open your legs.

1. Keep your diet light and avoid heavy flavors.

2. Limit your total diet.

Bend arm one-legged wheel type yoga, how should abdomen reduce ability to be effective?

3. Eat less high-fat, high-sugar and high-salt foods, avoid fried, fried, fried food. Light food.

4. Eat more vegetables, grains, legumes high protein foods. Low sugar fruits, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, chicken.

5. No alcohol, no soda. Avoid high calorie foods. No supper.

6. Exercise more. Release excess body fat. Elimination of large belly movements are mainly push-ups, sit-ups.

Combine the above points, balance nutrition through balanced diet, reasonable diet matching. And combine it with certain movements. Stick to a certain time, it will effectively eliminate the big belly!

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First of all, any extreme diet can be called the "wrong" diet. The premise of weight loss is balanced nutrition. Once you cross that line, it's not a reasonable scientific diet.

1. Reasonable diet, the following four mistakes must not enter?

TOP1: Yogurt Weight Loss

Although yogurt has a high protein and calcium, but a large intake of yogurt at the same time you also eat a lot of lactose and fat, so the total calories are very easy to exceed. Second, the intake of dietary fiber will also be greatly reduced. Protein is important for fat loss, but a balanced diet is even more important!

TOP2: Salad Weight Loss

First of all, the salad diet we are referring to here is pure grass eating. While this diet will cause you to lose some weight early on, it is extremely unbalanced in the long run. Protein and fat deficiency can make your skin look bad and your mental state less than optimal.

TOP3: Apple Weight Loss

Apples are vitamin C except sugar, completely free of protein and fat, and eating too much will be very uncomfortable stomach. Not only that, but eating too much fructose actually affects fat loss in the long run.

TOP4: Fasting and Weight Loss

Complete fasting, whether it is fasting for 2 days or not eating after noon, is not recommended. Remember, fat loss = calorie consumption> calorie intake, there is no need to go to extremes, seek quick.

2. healthy sports

1. walk

Self-feeling quite useful, on the one hand can see the scenery, on the other hand can exercise, and friends together to enhance friendship

2. do sports

Download a keep software, which teaches you how to exercise, will also give you private customization, can also be partial slimming, training vest line, thin belly and the like, but also can, after all, summer comes, all kinds of eating and drinking are inevitable, so be sure to train, remember to insist.

Don't lose heart. Just keep going. You'll lose weight.

Summer is coming, let's cheer together!

Belly is too many people in the heart of the pain, many people are not too fat, only belly is very prominent, and such a belly, how should we lose it? This article will teach you a few tricks.

Trick 1: Aerobic and anaerobic together

Many people think that if you want to lose your belly, you can do more sit-ups. In fact, it is very wrong behavior, because sit-ups are an abdominal exercise. We can only make our abdominal muscles more developed, but as long as the fat above us exists, our abdominal muscles will definitely not be seen.

The correct way is to do aerobic exercise, run a spinning bike to reduce fat, let our body fat rate become lower and lower, on the other hand to fully exercise our abdominal muscles, let our abdominal muscles become more and more developed, become more bulging, so that we can show it as soon as possible, so we want to lose belly fat, show abdominal muscles, aerobic and anaerobic.

Tip 2: Diet control is king

To keep your stomach from bulging, the most important thing is to eat less food, but the less intake here is not to call you excessive diet, but we can eat seven full points every meal, there is no surplus calories, so that our body will not let too much energy into fat, our stomach can not bulge up.

And if we eat too much, our stomach will grow bigger and bigger, so our appetite will grow bigger and bigger, so gradually reducing our appetite can also shrink our stomach, which is also very beneficial to our fat loss.

Tip 3: Keep the correct posture

Many people's stomachs are not really big, but visual bulges caused by incorrect posture, and pelvic tilt is the culprit, pelvic tilt will make our lower back in a state of continuous tension, and abdomen is a very soft and weak, if this does not improve for a long time, our abdomen will look bigger and bigger.

Learn to improve your pelvic tilt, stretch your iliopsoas, stretch your leg muscles, and stretch your back muscles, all of which are good for posture.

Trick 4: Keep your abdomen closed

What we suggest here is that whether standing, sitting or lying down, we hope everyone maintains an abdominal state, because doing so can not only help us contract abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles get exercise, but also play a habit of maintaining good posture.

When it comes to abdomen, I have to say a way of breathing, abdominal breathing, interested friends can look up relevant information on Baidu, this method can not only help us exercise ventilators, abdominal muscles, but also effectively increase gastrointestinal motility, maintain a certain rhythm, for a long time you will feel very comfortable.

The above is the way to lose belly fat, I hope it can help everyone!

No matter where the meat is subtracted, it starts from the whole body, that is to say, to subtract the belly, what needs to be done is the whole body weight loss and fat reduction. This process is not realized by doing any exercise. This is not to say that exercise is useless, but that exercise is only one aspect.

To lose weight successfully, we must find a gap in calories and keep the daily calorie intake less than the calorie consumption. Exercise is only one way to expand consumption, but it is not enough to expand consumption without controlling diet. If you don't control your diet, you will accidentally supplement or even exceed the calories consumed, resulting in the fatter you exercise, haha, because you will be hungry after exercise, and you will eat too much if you are not careful.

Therefore, in order to lose fat, it is necessary to exercise under the premise of controlling diet, so as to expand the consumption of calories while ensuring the same calorie intake. From this point of view, no matter what kind of exercise, even if it is to increase daily activities, as long as the calorie consumption is expanded, you can lose fat and thus reduce belly.

However, even if this is the case, exercise should be planned and regular, because this is conducive to long-term adherence, then in the choice of exercise methods, aerobic exercise is the first exercise method to reduce fat, but it also has certain limitations. Because although it can play a role in reducing fat, it cannot play a role in shaping. If the goal of fat reduction is accompanied by belly reduction, if there is no targeted training of the abdomen, even if the abdomen will become smaller after successful fat reduction, there will be relaxation and non-tightening phenomenon, especially in the case of too fast fat reduction.

In terms of overall exercise options, you can choose a group of abdominal training, and then do better with aerobic exercise, not only can you reduce fat successfully but also tighten the abdomen, make the abdomen flat and compact, but also appear abdominal vest line.

However, in the specific implementation process, such an arrangement will first be limited in time, because abdominal training needs about 15 minutes, and then with aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes. And you have to train 3-4 times a week. Therefore, for friends with limited time, choosing a short-term and efficient exercise mode may be better and more conducive to long-term persistence.

Then, recommend a group of abdominal aerobic exercises below, which can allow you to expand your daily consumption while practicing your abdomen to reduce fat and exercise your abdomen.

Action 1: Squatting against the wall

  • Stand with your back to the wall, feet slightly apart, making sure your back is upright and your entire back is against the wall
  • Adjust the distance between your feet and the wall. Start with squatting against the wall.
  • Cross your arms forward and squat down along the wall. The lowest point of the movement is a 90-degree angle between your body and your thighs, and a 90-degree angle between your thighs and your calves

Action 2: V starts at both ends

  • Lie flat, legs together, arms up
  • When the upper body and legs are lifted up to the highest point, the body presents a V shape
  • Open your arms as you stand up, but don't push.

Action 3: Jumping

  • Tighten waist and abdomen, tighten arms tightly
  • Lift arms with shoulder strength, pull arms down with back strength
  • arm swing while jumping
  • Relax your legs as much as possible. Do not bow your head or raise your head.
  • The faster you move, the higher you jump, the better the fat burning effect.
  • Breathe in as you lift your arms, exhale as you fall

Action 4: Lie on your back, bend your knees and turn your hips

  • Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your legs bent together
  • Tighten the core and swing both legs to one side at the same time
  • Keep your upper body as still as possible.

Action 5: push-ups + swivels

  • Hands slightly wider than shoulders, feet together, chest tightening waist and abdomen
  • Bend your elbow to lower your weight to a position where your chest is almost 1 cm close to the ground. Stop for a moment.
  • Concentrate on your pectoralis major and push it up quickly.
  • abdominal, shoulder at the same time force rotation, one arm will be extended upward straight
  • Pause, go back to the starting position and do the push-ups again.

Action 6: Climb, bend and stretch

  • Tighten your shoulders, hold your hands slightly wider than your shoulders on the edge of the stool, do not press your wrists, and bend your elbows slightly backward
  • Bend your elbows slowly, lean your back against the edge of the stool and drop to a position where your upper arms are parallel to the ground, pausing for a moment.
  • Push your body vertically to the starting position, bending your elbows slightly at the highest point.

Action 7: prone crawling

  • prone, knees bent, thighs and calves at 90 degrees, feet and hands on the ground, knees off the ground
  • Crawl forward in coordination with both hands and feet
  • Tighten the core, don't bend your waist, don't bow your back.
  • Keep breathing evenly.

Action 8: Judo push-ups

  • The standard push-up position is the starting position, raising the hips and forming an inverted V.
  • Keep your hips high and your body down until your chin touches the ground quickly
  • The hips sink almost to the ground, raising the head and shoulders simultaneously.

Action 9: Bobby Jump

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, bend down and squat, with hands shoulder-width apart, while jumping backward with legs straight; bend elbows and touch the ground
  • Push your upper body with both hands, then quickly withdraw your legs to your abdomen; get up and jump
  • Both hands clap behind the head and then quickly bend down and squat without standing up

The warm-up before the action should not be abandoned, and the stretching and relaxation after the action is equally important.

Rest for about 25 seconds between movements in light activity, don't wait for the next movement to arrive because you are tired.