"Cancer" is called by Western medicine. What is the ancient "cancer" that prevails in traditional Chinese medicine? Only one word, but it sounds familiar.
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Popular science questions and answers on epidemic prevention. Is the headache about to explode? "five strokes" non-drug therapy of traditional Chinese medicine teaches you to relieve headache at home
How can people with chronic diseases resist the epidemic? Authoritative answer

Is there a severe risk after infection in patients with cardiovascular disease? How to resist the epidemic situation of patients with chronic diseases……
term anxiety there will be an increase in the level of a variety of "stress hormones". Stress hormones antagonize the hypoglycemic effect of insulin causing an imbalance in hormone secretion in the body which is easy to aggravate abnormal blood sugar. In addition anxiety can also easily lead to insomnia and sleep structure disorders further aggravating blood sugar disorders. Therefore people with diabetes should maintain a calm state of mind and control their blood sugar at a relatively good level the most important thing for people with diabetes to resist the epidemic is to control their blood sugar." Guo Lixin director and chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of the National Geriatric Medical Center of Beijing Hospital said that one is to stabilize the overall level of blood sugar and strive to achieve the standard of glycosylated hemoglobin control and the other is to reduce the fluctuation of blood sugar. To achieve these two points on the one hand we should have a reasonable diet that is according to the healthy diet instructed by doctors to patients with diabetes eat a reasonable diet appropriately increase nutrition and increase the intake of high Zhou Yujie said that prevention of cardiovascular disease is better than cure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way of prevention. First of all we should have a reasonable diet without high oil

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